We multiply the profits of customers with an Indoor navigation system to guide visitors by interactive maps, positioning and routing.

Interactive Suite

Without App and internet and 6 times faster than any other vendor worldwide. With our SaaS Solution for Digital In-Store and WIFI marketing.

Interactive Suite

Navigation, Interactive customer services, E-commerce, Analytics…


Cross-platform offline and online solution

– 25% attendance increase;
– 10% increase in sales of tenants;
– Developing of the existing profit centers

Cloud Portal System

Similar user experience in browser, app and stationary terminals

Increase in the number of the system
users up to 50 %

Operating System

System operation with a full range of functions via the internal WiFi-Network

Collection of metadata from more than 50 % of all visitors in independence of system use


With our SaaS Solution for Digital In-Store and WIFI marketing and our innovative WIFI technology, we multiply the profits of our customers. Without App and internet and 6 times faster than any other vendor worldwide, it can.

Visual Scheme

Targeted networking of all sales and communication channels in the framework of an integrated omni-channel strategy based on user, hardware and WiFi technology is to create a future-oriented shopping experience


Automated synchronization of information between all types of devices and communication channels.


Individual interaction with the customer (suitable products, advertisements, coupons, etc.).


All Customer Touch points are personalized with the dynamic content, the customer is
interested in.


You can reach your customer at any point of time via any communication channel: SMS, Push Notification an E-Mail, whatever is more efficient.


Fast and easy implementation thanks to pre-built programs.


Any customer has an access to the interactive services of the mall (content, navigation, searching, etc.) over all communication channels: Terminals, Wi-Fi portal, website, mobile app.


Achieve and manage all integrated technologies with one single login.


Continous monitoring and reporting will give you a constant overview about the status and success of your campaigns. At the same time, they illustrate the correlation between action and the volume of sales.

Three simple steps

Get Started With Us

We do everything to make you successful with our technology: efficient Onboarding, individual trainings, permanent support and Best-Practice-Consulting. We achieve our goal only when you get better business results.



Everything begins with the successful Onboarding. You start with our professional Project Management team, who will propose the most suitable efficient solution for your Omni-Channel-System.



We will automate all your operations from data-syncronization till marketing-programs to reduce your efforts in the customer relationship processes.



With our Kick-Off Workshops, Account Setup, individual trainings and consultants we’re completely focused on the achievement of your business goals.

Navigation System

Our indoor navigation system to guide customers in the shopping mall, including interactive indoor maps, indoor positioning and indoor routing.

Interactive Indoor Maps

Walindo is a multifunctional interactive map with search option, navigation, personal guide, and other individual features available for all devices of the customers. You can use the Walindo-system in numerous ways: implement it in an app, publish it on your website, or integrate it with your own systems (CRM, CMS, etc). You have the ability to use your own icons and marks or to place labels for promotions, events, coupons right on the map and therefore influence buyer’s behavior.

Indoor Position

For indoor positioning, Walindo can be integrated into your Wi-Fi network or into other indoor location systems. The location of user will be shown on the map by a blue dot. The accuracy of the positioning may vary according to the quality of the network-infrastructure, for example the number and placement of Wi-Fi access points. Our partner for indoor positioning is Cisco, but we can work with another companies as well.

Indoor Routing

With the help of routing you may find a best way how to get to the place you need. The smart guide will compose a route, show which entrance to take, which stairs/elevators to use and will lead you step by step to your destination.


WiFi Marketing

Wi-Fi is a free nice-to-have service for your customers that they will be using again and again. At the same time Wi-Fi marketing is a powerful tool to achieve your business goals and to get the unlimited loyalty of your customers.

How does Wi-Fi Marketing work?

We make successful even your first interaction with the client. Therefore we transform the first screen that the client sees after connecting to Wi-Fi network into a customer’s touchpoint. Interaction takes place on any type of device, without app installation, password or any additional settings.

Individual marketing system

If the client visit any of you objects (worldwide) again or even if he is just nearby, his device will automatically connect to the marketing system.

This is the way how you can easily and effectively….

Show targeted advertising: coupons, specials offers, products.

Manage social marketing with the help of automated posts in social networks or automated feedbacks.

Start the interaction with potential business partners or to attract people to take part in any of your activities such as lotteries, games, etc.

Provide your clients an easy access to multimedia data: video and audio files, brochures, etc.


Our e-commerce module developed to increase volume of sales by influencing buying behavior.


Online shop optimized for search engines, working as a website (desktops/ tablets / smartphones) and as an app.

Administration backend

Live editing mode to manage easily all store operations without any programming knowledge


Targeted placement of products to different customer groups, considering product categories, prices, etc.

Functional model

• Placing exclusive or discounted products (seasonal or remaining goods, etc.)
• Product purchase possible only within 60 seconds.
• Creation and circuit of thematic product catalogs (Gifts for Mother’s Day, etc.)
• Address by predefined customer groups with appropriate individualized prices.


Helps visitors to get comfortably in touch with your added value services and gives you a direct channel for interaction with them via Push-Notification.

Digital Menu

Our digital Menu & Ordering System increases the revenue by optimizing processes in gastronomy and offering drinks&dishes in a new appealing way.


Digital ordering system engineered in cooperation with experienced restaurateurs and event organizers. Works as webapp, fully customizable.

Administration backend

Intuitive usable interface to manage orders, set offers and get reportings


A contemporary and forward-looking way to serve guests while making operations more efficient

Functional model

• Presenting drinks & dishes with images and videos
• Switch easily real-time offers
• Smart order-management improves service workflow
• Optimization of gastronomy operation by precise analysis and reportings


Offers guests a unique and new gastronomy experience, ensures effective waiters and faster service and a powerful tool for restaurateurs for analyzing operations and optimizing processes

Powerfull Admin Panel

Our CRM system aimed to improve business relationships with customers and targeted audience

Advertising System

In addition to the placement and control of advertisements or campaigns. Powerful algorithms processes the Advertising System in real time by using different behavioral data such as page views, checkouts, CartCash activities and search queries and provide instant individual product recommendations and appropriately addressed campaign operations at each newly loaded page.

Costumer Loyalty System

Customer Loyalty Programmes as also for the recovery of regular customers from walk-in customers by applying typical game elements (Gamification). By submitting personal information, visitors can earn points which they can convert into awards, visiting certain Mall areas, as well by participation in promotions and buying products.

Seller’s Wingman

With the Seller’s Wingman you can store large amounts of information in the form of a big data model and analyze in real-time. With this unique targeting and marketing system you will receive a co-pilot with its own applicable Intelligence that helps you better to understand your customers and to respond more effectively. Also previously maintained customer actions (side, shopping cart, Besuchsabrüche, etc.) are traced by the system and every time a client performs one of these actions, it will trigger an automatic response, to build customer loyalty in real-time.

Our Solutions

Targeted networking of all sales and communication channels in the framework of an integrated omni-channel strategy based on user, hardware and WiFi technology is to create a future-oriented shopping experience

Detailed Analytics

Your Data. Your Analytics. Your Funds.

With the Interactive Suite you can analyze your clients data, customer groups, sales history, online-channels, product-performances, product groups, CRM-methods, point of sales and much more using different criteria and data-attributes. With the Interactive Suite you data is safe and will never be transferred to a third party.

Having all analytics and results at hand you can systematically influence the architecture of your customer-relationship-processes to provide the best possible quality of service and to create strategies and arrangements for tomorrow.

Your Headquarter Of Data

Using the Interactive Suite’s unique database- and software-architechture, it’s possible to view and evaluate huge amounts of stem- and movement-data in relation. Directly into your system. There, where the data is placed.

Business Intelligence

To have reliable data and analyses is essential not only for marketing-, CRM-, product placement and customer-communication decisions. The Interactive Suite provides reliable information and extensive prebuilt reports in other areas, that would help you make the right decisions.

Your Dashboards

You are able to manage all the data in the backend of the Interactive Suite and share it with other users, setting the access-levels. Dashboard-Widgets provide real time comparative figures in Tables, Diagrams, Graphs, whatever is more preferable to you.

Even More Analysis

Additional data such as Product-Performance and Demographic-Reports can also be collected, evaluated and kept for real-time analyses. Data provided by the third parties can be easily integrated in the IS through a modular architecture.

Applying The Results

The key feature of the Interactive Suite’s software-architchture is that the full system data can be used as data-resources, for e.g. personalized sliders, Voucher-Campaign-Trigger or other personalized sales content of the e-commerce-system in newsletters, in e-mails, in CRM-campaigns, etc.

Import & Export

External data can be easily imported into your own order- and clientforms and be analyzed and used for further actions. You surely can also export all of the other basic- and aggregated report-date comfortably.


Omni Channel

Navigation, Interactive customer services, E-commerce, Analytics…

Terminal Solution

Kiosk-systems with navigation, advertising, product search and presentation

Web Solution

A complete homepage-version or a web-based application

Mobile Solution

The mobile solution is web-based (HTML5) and runs on any mobile device

Print Solution

Use of the individual routings, coupons and much more, without a technical device

Mail & SMS Solution

Visitors can share information and offers with others. You can spread these content.

App Solution

Helps visitors to get comfortably in touch with your added value services and gives you a direct channel for interaction with them via Push-Notification.

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